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Give your guests a delicious snack with our Pretzel Warmer.

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Frozen Drink Machine (dbl bowl)Academy Rentals Inc.$150.00
Mixes (serves 50 – 6oz. cups)$10.50 each
Lighted Margarita GlassesAcademy Rentals Inc.$4.00 each
Champagne Fountain, 5 gal.Academy Rentals Inc.$60.00
Deluxe Champagne Fountain, 5 gal.Academy Rentals Inc.$75.00
Chafing Dish Deluxe, 8 qt.Academy Rentals Inc.$20.00
Chafing Dish, 5 qt.Academy Rentals Inc.$20.00
Sterno Can, (burns 6 hrs.)$2.50
55 Cup Coffee Urn$20.00
Pretzel Display Case Academy Rentals Inc.$55.00
Pretzel Display Case - each Additional day$15.00
Funnel Cake Fryer, 1st dayAcademy Rentals Inc.$125.00
Funnel Cake Fryer - each Additional day$50.00
Popcorn Machine, 1st dayAcademy Rentals Inc.$50.00
Popcorn Machine - each Additional day$15.00
Popcorn, oil & bags to serve 10$2.00
Snow Cone Machine,1st dayAcademy Rentals Inc.$50.00
Snow Cone Machine - each Additional day$15.00
Snow Cone Syrup, serves 100$11.50
Snow Cone SpoonStraws,200$4.00
Snow Cone Cups, per 200$12.00
Cotton Candy Machine-1st dayAcademy Rentals Inc.$50.00
Cotton Candy - each additional day$15.00
Cotton Candy Floss, serves 50$7.00
Cotton Candy Cones, per 50$2.00
Cotton Candy Bags, per 50$4.00
Nacho Cheese Can, serves 50$12.00
Nacho Chips, serves 50$14.00
Nacho Trays. Per 50$10.00
100 Quart Cooler, (holds 4 cases)Academy Rentals Inc.$15.00
100 Quart Cooler - each Additional day$5.00
5 gal. Cooler, w/ spout$10.00
2’ x 5’ Charcoal GrillAcademy Rentals Inc.$55.00
Charcoal Grill - each Additional Day$25.00
2’ x 6’ Propane GrillAcademy Rentals Inc.$85.00
Propane Grill - each Additional Day$35.00
Stock Pot, 80qt Cooker & Strainer$50.00
Stock Pot - each Additional Day$25.00
Special charges apply returning the following items dirty
Cotton Candy & Popcorn Machine$30.00
Grill – propane$75.00
Grill – charcoal$75.00
Funnel Cake Fryer$75.00

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